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Solo vs together

Solo VS Together Traveling

A moment of realisation !

“Solo VS Together Traveling;

Once you develop hankering for traveling, nothing can satiate your soul other than exploring places! While it seems an easy task to those who are adept at it, it is still a confusing affair for the beginners who have just discovered the hidden traveler in them.
Most of the us get muddled at the very first step of planning, whether to travel with a group or to travel solo? And what are the gears required for a comfortable holiday. So say hello to the most important aspects of Traveling Alone VS Traveling with a Group.

Traveling Solo:

Traveling solo is an adventure in its own as it means that you have to make all the arrangements, bookings and will not have anyone to help if in case you come across any difficulties.
Often solo traveling is preferred by those who don't want to be tied up to a pre-arranged schedule and want total freedom to explore wherever the whims might take them.
Also, it is certainly a good choice if you are interested in some special activities which might not be compatible with a group's pace.
You can write the trip itinerary and change it whenever you want to. While doing so, one must consider safety on the go as you are alone on the trip.
Traveling solo will be a little costly as there will be no one to split the bills.
Then what makes it worth going? Well, traveling solo will help you to grow as an individual with first hand experiences up your sleeve and give you a sense of satisfaction.

Group Travel:

Sharing travel experiences often make for a long-term friendship. While traveling with a group, you get a chance to meet fascinating travellers.
When you bond with a travel group, you instantly have dozens of people having your back when you face some difficulties and provide you safety.
Since tasks like bookings and arrangements get split between the members, it becomes easier to organise your pre trip routines.
More free time means more time to explore and have fun with the group. But, on the other hand, if your group consists of too many people, then you might feel like a herd animal and might not have personal choices.
Hope this tiny comparison helps you to figure out whether you are a solo traveler or the one who would like to share the trip with someone. Keep wandering! Keep Travoshing!