It’s not wise to set out with an empty bag.

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Thailand is the ultimate pocket-friendly destination for nomads. It's a place you'll never get bored. The scenic white sand traces, pocket-friendly destination palm-fringed coastline and everything about it makes you fall in love with it and want to return. Thailand has many amazing places to visit where you will find friendly people and delicious food. There is a lot to explore. So for your trip to Thailand, use this easy guide to find out what to pack for Thailand, as you would not want to face any situation that will set you back.

“Thailand pocket-friendly destination”
      1. 1. Slippers or flip-flops:

In Thailand, you have to remove your shoe often- not only while entering someone's home or temple but also to go into cafes, restaurants, shops or parlor.
Instead of wasting time in removing and tying lased shoe every time use slippers or flip-flops.
If you are planning to visit northern and central parts of Thailand then you should also carry hiking shoe with you

      1. 2. Travel Clothing:

Regardless of any time in the year you are visiting Thailand, one should pack their clothes keeping in mind the warm and humid atmosphere. So, your baggage would include:

        • 1. 4-5 shirt or tank tops. Avoid carrying tank tops with spaghetti strap.
          We also would suggest you buy quirky t-shirts hiving different signs printed on them, they are available at
          So that, the language would not be a barrier for you.
          You just have to point out what you are looking for.
        • 2. 2-3 shorts or loose pants
        • 3. Skirts or dresses
        • 4. Sweatshirt or sweater- you might need them for the plane ride or in the AC buses.
        • 5. Rain Jacket

      1. 3. A sturdy waterproof bag:

Even outside the rainy season, there is always some potential for rain in Bangkok.
In order to keep your belongings dry you must carry a waterproof bag which should be strong enough to hold all the stuff on the go.
Also, carry a small daypack or organizer bag to carry things which you will need while taking a stroll around the city.

      1. 4. Toiletries:

Considering the weather in Thailand you must carry sunscreen. You can carry shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion etc.
using small refillable bottles. It will help to save some space inside your bag.

      1. 4. Other travel gear:
        • 1. Neck pillow
        • 2. Universal charger
        • 3. Chords and cables
        • 4. Camera
        • 5. Water bottle
        • 6. Travel umbrella
        Even if you forget any of these things, you can easily find most of what you need in Thailand .

      Now, pack your bags and have fun exploring the beaches, food, temples, andall the wonderful people that make Thailand such an incredible destination to travel to