It’s not wise to set out with an empty bag.

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8 ‘Must Buy’

A moment of realisation !

“‘Must Buy’ unique products from Travosh, if you are traveling anywhere in the world. ;

No one would like to carry heavy luggage or things which are not useful on the trip. Here is the list of travel essentials that we think you should carry irrespective of which destination you visit or the weather conditions!

    • 1. Automizers-:

      We know how strenuous it can be to carry the entire bottle of your favourite perfume. Also, there is fear of breakage. So, let’s just carry the fragrance without having to hold the delicate bottle.
      These tiny automizers are perfect and easy to store. They are available at Travosh with appealing colours and they don’t even take much space in your travel kit allowing you to carry more than just one perfume with you

    • 2. Waterproof Bags-:

      Worried about carrying your valuables near the waterfront? This Lightweight, easy to fold/unfold bag protects valuables from water, sand, mud.
      Stuff all your valuables, fold the edge 3-4 times and lock the buckle and get going!

    • 3. Waterproof Shoe Cover

      Want to keep your expensive shoes dust-free, mud-free and dry? Well we have found a solution for you which is a waterproof shoe cover. With these "easy to slide in/slide out" and "squeeze in your luggage" shoe cover keep your shoes away from dirt.

    • 4. Travel UV protected umbrella-

      While on the go, it’s always good to be prepared for all the weather situations you might come across. Be it under the sun or heavy showers, it’s always better to carry an umbrella with you.
      This versatile travel gear blocks a major volume of the UV radiation during hot weathers. It is certainly a great alternative in situations where it may be impractical to apply sunblock or sunscreens adequately.
      Well, its usage is not limited for just these purposes; it also serves you best as a hiking stick while on the trek!

    • 5. Warmee-

      This revolutionary self-heating slide-in-pocket-pouch, keeps you comfortably warm for about 8 hours at cold destinations. It does not require any external source of heating & is available in 3 different types of pouches specially made for keeping your hands, body and feet warm.

    • 6. Quirky T-shirts –

      Difficulty in communication in foreign language in foreign countries?? This mute on tees an ideal way to decipher when everything around is Greek and Latin!

    • 7. Travel Organizer Bag- Travel organizer bags are something that you will need to keep all your small belongings at one place. One can also use it to keep passports or other important things like cash, earphones and cell phone.
      An organizer bag will keep your hands free while keeping all the small essentials handy

    • 8. Tag 8- Tag 8 will help you find your belongings in case you lost them. Using Tag 8 you can secure any 8 gadgets you want to carry with you. The Global Lost & Found Service will keep track of them if you lose any.