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Multifunctional Unisex Azure Blue Sneakers

Product code: TWFTSH3001LLP

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Product Description

**This Valentine Let Foot Feel the Love. On Purchase of this shoes Travosh offers you 40% discount on Slip-ons.** Shoes are one of the most annoying things to pack for your travels, yet they're also one of the most important. Heavy, bulky, and often dirty, there's always a battle between carrying as few pairs as possible so you can stay under your baggage limits, and having enough versatility and comfort for everything you plan to do during your trip. While no shoe fits every possible travel situation, choosing good multi-purpose footwear will help reduce weight and space in your luggage more than almost any other decision you can make. So here are the correct ones for you. Mesh fabric is designed to wrap your foot like a sock for a natural, snug fit that flexes with every movement and lining that offers maximum breathability, while the rubber sole of these lace-ups offer multi-surface traction and flexibility.