It’s not wise to set out with an empty bag.

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Most importantly, you’ll need to bring the best version of your adventurous self, because Australia is going to show you a spectacular time !

“A Quest to the Kangaroo Land”

The key is not just to ‘Organise’ but ‘Optimise’ your travel bag

We know packing can be the most challenging part of any trip, especially when you are traveling to Australia as it has some of the most extreme and variable climates in the world. So, before packing you must read about the weather, region and what outdoor activities you are going to do. This will help you to choose the exact list of items you will require while traveling across this picturesque destination.

What to and how to pack?

The variable climate of this destination demands you to keep everything handy all the time. So pack using packing cubes which will keep your stuff organised. Don’t forget to keep your passport safe so that you don’t get stuck on the other side of the world! Here is the breakdown of travel basics that you will want to include in your trolley bag.

Travel Clothing-

  1. 1. Hiking pants
  2. 2. Jeans
  3. 3. Shorts
  4. 4. Dress
  5. 5. Quirky tee shirts
  6. 6. Winter Jacket or hoodie
  7. 7. Rain Jacket

Travel Gear and extras-

  1. 1. Travel Backpack - For long journeys within the country
  2. 2. Waterproof Phone Case - Well, for obvious reasons! You’d definitely want to try some underwater photography while diving into the Great Barrier Reef.
  3. 3. Daypack for exploring close by areas
  4. 4. Travel Neck Pillow
  5. 5. Self purifying water bottle
  6. 6. Cap

Travel Toiletries-

  1. 1. Shampoo and conditioner – pack them in small refillable containers or small zip lock bags.
  2. 2. Sunscreen
  3. 3. Travel Toiletry Kit