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A warm memory

A moment of realisation !

“A warm memory ;

Sleeping amidst the mountains, embraced by our warm jackets, we could hear the campfire & psithurism (sound of rustling leaves) from our tents. As we moved closer to witnessing a beautiful sunrise, I woke up with an urge to brew myself a drink.
I pulled my travel kettle& gathered power supply from our car to prepare nice warm cup of tea.
It was probably the fresh smell of tea leaves which woke my gang, anticipating me to serve them as well.
Charmed by the cold & brisk weather, we started a casual conversation about our experiences. It was only a few days of togetherness across several destinations which made us bond again.
Right from sharing each other’s travel pillows to walking together in an umbrella, it felt like a school picnic with these old friends, who with time grew apart in their lives.
 Celebrating this sentiment, we looked at each other with a sense of contentment & began organising our travel bags to finish the remaining journey of the trip & our lives.